in shape

Get rid of this invisible, antique website that misrepresents you.
Be the professional your clients love to work with.



with a design that does not fit you?

that takes too long to load due to not optimised images?

that is impossible to visualise because it has not a responsive design?

that does not comply with the data protection regulations?

where your clients do not buy your products because is not a safe place?



with a beautiful design that makes you proud?

with an optimised content to load it faster?

with the right tools to make you achieve your aims?

easy to manage?

Adapted to the recent trends?




but you


  • Frustrated, lost in a vast sea of information and you do not know what is really needed for your website, and how to interpret it.
  • Overwhelmed, preferring to spend your time on what you enjoy, improving your services or meeting your clients’ demands.

Let me create a website that helps you to
improve your online presence and increase your earning incomes.

get a


Personalised coherent with your brand style.

Responsive adapted to all devices.

Social your website and social media synced .

Optimised Security, loading and SEO plug-ins set.

Secure With SSL certificate set (https).

Lawful Adapted to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Easy-to-use Developed with WordPress ,so you can manage the web content easily with my user guides.


  • You are sure about moving forward with your business.
  • You are ready to invest in web design to target more clients.
  • You are looking for a beautiful and strategic web design that has your potential customers ready to buy your services.
  • You have all the content for your website ready, text, images, videos, to sell it online and you need a professional to help you in the process.
  • You know the value of your project and everything you can offer and you want to tell the world!
step by


1 Ask for a quote

Fill the form below and I send you an approximate estimate based on your current needs.

2 We know each other!

We have a call so we can talk about the details of your project. I send you a briefing with all the specs, task, payment and deadlines.

3 You send me all the material

Te envío un listado para que me envíes el material necesario para desarrollar tu web (accesos, textos, imágenes, videos, documentos).


4 Sit back and I leave it in my hands!

I start working. We keep a fluent communication by mail so you can follow the process and you give me your feedback.

5 ¡Launch of your beautiful website!

You can post it in all your social media and start charming your ideal client.

6 Keep your web in shape

Your website is in shape! You just need to maintenance it. You can hire my monthly maintenance service to keep your website updated and safe.

Also you can hire my monthly manage service to update your content or you can manage it yourself with my user guide.


people say


Alba Royo


Nerea helped me out to carry the ideas I had in mind out. She captured quickly my brand´s style and the perspective I wanted for my website. Also, she showed me different templates, so that I would assess all the choices, and she advised me properly about the functionality and design. I am delighted with the result!

Nuria Peribañez


Nerea has helped me to carry out all the ideas I had in my mind and it was really easy to work with here because we had a fluent communication.
My project started from the scratch and it was launched before than I expected thanks to Nerea’s efforts to move on all the process with the best results.
I totally recommend Nerea’s service. She is professional, resolute, her work is innovative and she walk with you along the project.

ask for


Tell me what you need?

What kind of design are you interested in?

What are the objectives of your website? You can choose one or some of them.

How do you want to manage the CONTENTS of your website?


9 + 9 =


in shape

Get rid of this invisible, antique website that misrepresents you and

get now attractive, strategic and professional website

and be the professional your clients love to work with.