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For business that promote the physical
and emotional well-being of their clients.


I am not only a graphic designer, but also a web developer. I use both sides of my brain to give you a complete website service, I handle all the process from the design to the development of your website.

Become a freelance is the best choices I have ever made.

The name of my business Ibondesign is a mix of the word design and ibon, the small glacial lakes of the Pyrenees in the north of Spain, where the idea of my business was inspired and where I start this path of learning, experiences and personal and professional discovery.

It was there where I become aware of the importance of self caring physical and emotionally. It came to me the idea of join profession and my passion offering my services to business based on fitness & wellness.

I lived in Norway for two years, then I move to the Pyrenees and I have just recently move to Scotland where I am settle know. I always choose places to live surrounding with nature. Running and trekking has become in a way to load my energy, is from there where I get all the inspiration and creativity I need to be able to do my best in every project I am immersed in.

This is how I like



I do not think twice when it comes to learning new thinks that helps me to continue growing with my business. I am an avid reader of blogs and tutorials and I love to use what I have learned to the projects I am working with.


I have worked as a project and team manager using the same system and tools I use within my own business. I do not like being a bossy, I believe that the key to successfully implement the project is to create a nice atmosphere where all the team feel comfortable and confident.


I do love working with others. Bring all the ideas and knowledge together is for me an enriching process that allows us to achieve the best results.


I never consider myself a good speaker, but since I had the opportunity to make some face-to-face and online training workshops I have completely changed my mind. I actually enjoy teaching and for me this is a door open for the future.

If you are a professional of


fitness and wellness



I help you to improve your online presence and increase your earning incomes

creating for you a website to be proud of


1 I know that bring your business online is not easy. I have worked with other professionals like you and I know the challenges you have to deal with.

2 I love your products and services. I believe in self-caring physically and emotionally. I consume your products and services. As a client I understand your clients and as a designer I can help you to give them what they need.

3 Nowadays is not necessary to live in the same place to communicate and work with others.I work online with most of my clients, you will see that my workflow works perfectly for you.


in shape

Get rid of this invisible, antique website that misrepresents you and

get now attractive, strategic and professional website

and be the professional your clients love to work with.